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Forum Rules
Forum Rules

Official Forum Rules
Warning System FAQ


Forum Rules
Official Forum Rules


1. Please keep spamming to a minimum. You will receive warns if you continue spamming after being warned by a Moderator.
2. No flaming outside Battle Floor. This also includes Private Messages.
3. Absolutely no racism, sexism, or pornography.
4. Do not bump up old topics, let them die.
5. Do not ask to be a Moderator, we hand pick our Moderators.
6. No torrent, warez or any kind of illegal activities

Trade Rules:

1. You may trade for anything, real life items, Diablo 2 items, whatever else is fine.
2. Do not early bump. Wait 2 hours.
3. If your thread is closed, wait 1 hour before reposting it.
4. Do not steal trades.
5. Do not make fake offers.
6. You trade at your own risk, if an item poofs, do not complain to our Moderators unless you have sufficient proof
7. Anyone caught repeatedly selling unperm item as perms will be banned
8. Ubers are allowed.
9. You may not have more than 4 threads anytime on the first page of any trading forum. Extra threads will be closed and you may be warned.

User Groups:

1. Guild Members: Members of Guild Trust. They are just part of the guild, do not PM them regarding rule violations.
2. Banned: We don't have to explain this. These users are naughty trolls and have met their justice.
3. Members ++: These are our beloved donors (or members who have purchased the Members ++ rank in shop) Members ++ is simply a decoration, they are not moderators.
3. Trade Moderator: These guys look over the trading forums and ensure that users are following the trading rules. Report to one of these Moderators if you see a trade violation.
4. Junior Moderator: Now we are starting to talk about power. These guys are the Moderators' assistants. They moderate less forums than Moderators and cannot delete posts or warn/ban users. They can still edit your posts and contact moderators about possibly banning or warning a user.
5. Moderator: Moderators are powerful users who have the right to govern many forums. They look after all violations but mainly forum policy violations. If you see a trade violation and no Trade Moderator is available, contact one of these guys.
7. Senior Moderator: Senior Moderators have the power to oversee all forums. These guys deal with major violations of the forum. Only contact a Global Moderator if no other Moderator is available. They have the ability to delete spam posts, warn or suspend (ban) users who repeatly violated the forum rules.
8. Admin: Administrators of the forum. They do little moderating as they are busy with many other items. Contact them for issues such as password recovery and other administrative issues only.

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Warning System FAQ

So, for people who don't already know this, the warning bar looks like this:

You start out with your warn bar completely empty. Each time you get "warned", your warning bar will fill up by 1 or more extra notches. As you get more warns, you may lose access to certain site features or privileges.

Getting WARNINGS is not a GAME. These are NOT good to have!!

You can receive warnings when any moderator or admin sees that you are breaking the rules. If it is a light infraction and/or your first violation, you may receive a verbal warning instead of an official warning accompanied by a warn bar increase. If you continue to disobey the rules, you will be warned, and in case of serious and intentional infractions you can also be Banned.

The warn system:
- General Spamming: 1x warn

- Early Bumping : 1x warn

- Flaming Admins or Mods outside of the Battlefield: 1x warn

- Breaking Signature/Avatar rules even after being informed of the violation by an Admin or Mod: 1x warn

- Using profanity in topic titles outside of the Battlefield and/or using excessive profanity in posts, in shoutbox or outside of the Battlefield: 1x warn
You may lose your shoutbox privileges for swearing in shoutbox excessively or swearing at people in shoutbox.
This is why we have the Battlefield, Keep your flame and drama there.

- Racist Comments/Remarks: 1x warn (note: more serious offenses may be met with more warn)

- Posting a pic or wearing a pic from someones that he didn't give you the permission to put or to wear: 3x warn (note: serious offenses in this category may be cause for banning on the first offense)

- Posting pictures in a thread or having pictures in your signature/avatar of a pornographic nature: 2x warn (note: serious offenses in this category may be cause for banning on the first offense)

- Scamming another member (this includes falsely advertising your goods in order to purposefully mislead the other member): Your FG will be locked and you will be banned (depending on the nature of the offense)

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