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PvM Procdin

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Post#1 Posted: 23 Oct 2014 08:35 pm    Post subject: PvM Procdin Reply with quote

The PvM Procdin
demonstration of my character (OLD) :


I wanted to make a character that's cute to play so I came up with this build. It's not meant to be cookie-cutter or PVP-viable.


20 - Sacrifice (more physical damage for more life leech)
20 - Resist Lightning (synergy to holy shock)
20 - Holy shield
20 - Conviction (or until you reach lvl 25 convic)
1+ - Zeal (or until you reach level 4 zeal)
1 - Defiance (holy shield synergy)
1 - Salvation (synergy to holyshock/holy fire)
1 - Resist Fire (synergy to holy fire)

you will be using zeal as your main attack to make the "chance to cast on.." triggers all the time and use conviction aura to boost the damage of all those triggers.


Helm : Dream runeword. Gives a nice boost of damage(2-3k) and if your lifetap doesn't trigger,confuse may trigger to mess monsters up. With conviction aura it gets pretty strong.

Weapon : Destruction Phase Blade. Ignore target defense + Nova, Molten Boulder and Volcano.

Armor : Enigma for teleport. If you don't need teleport,Use Bone runeword : 30 all res + chance to cast bone armor and bone spear is sexy.

Ammy : Highlord because you need ias somewhere to reach 4fps zeal and highlord is the best spot to use it.

Ring 1 : Carrion wind : life leech + twister trigger and poison nova when struck.
Ring 2 : Ravenfrost if you don't like getting frozen, else a crafted/magic ring with 8% chance to cast chain lightning/lightning on attack.

Belt : Snowclash is sexy if you want the blizzard trigger. Else I'd go with Verdungo for survivability.

Gloves : Dracs for life tap trigger.

Shield : Dragon runeword in a 45 all res shield. Hydra on striking + holy fire damage boost.

Boots : Goblin Toe for the crushing blow.

Charms : If you're playing non-ladder, a 25% chance to cast firestorm torch is the best. Also use anni and charms to reach resists/breakpoints. Skillers are not really needed.

Mercenary : You have 2 choices here. Either a faith A1 merc to reach 4fps zeal (I usually give Bone runeword as an armor to my merc and Andy helm) or a lawbringer A3 merc for the shining stars that sanctuary aura gives.

So with all of this. You get ->

Molten Boulder
Bone Spear
Chain Lightning
Life tap

On striking and...

Bone armor
Poison nova

when struck.

Let me know what you think if anyone still browses this forum.
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Post#2 Posted: 11 Nov 2014 04:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

pretty cool build man :clap:
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