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Joined 25 Mar 2009
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Clan Truth
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Location Indiana us.gif
Interests pool, music, graphic design
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Gender Male
Occupation student
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Signature PM me for anything regarding LoGD.
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BigBird13512's Profile Block  
Name: Mark
Age: 22
Location: IN, USA
Time Zone: -1 hour from EST (CST)
Favorite colors: Red and Black
D3JSP Goal: Become a respected member and possibly get the chance to be a JM.

I am ALWAYS willing to help anyone.


Earn a Junior Moderator tag or LoGD Admin tag
10k D3jsp fg
25k D3jsp fg
50k D3jsp fg
100k D3jsp fg
100+ Dks on LoGD
#1 Ranked for DKs on LoGD
#1 Ranked for gold on LoGD
#2 Ranked for gems on LoGD
Get some of those rare items on LoGD

Promoted to Co-Leader of Clan Loyalty.
Got the Arcade "My favorites" button added.
Promoted to Leader of Clan Loyalty.
Got 10+ reputation.
20+ DKs on LoGD
30+ Dks on LoGD
Bought M++ tag
40+ Dks on LoGD
50+ Dks on LoGD

Adam. ~ his trust and xk+ fgs!

Calculated and totaled each month:
LoGD Gold IN:
1712.33 last updated from gold log date of 24 Jul 2009 02:07 pm

LoGD Gold OUT:

<img style="visibility:hidden;width:0px;height:0px;" border=0 width=0 height=0 src="*xJmx*PTEyNDE1ODE3NTE3MDImcHQ9MTI*MTU4MTc3OTQyMiZwPTE4MDMxJmQ9Jmc9MSZ*PSZvPTEwZTQyYmE4YzBiZjQyZjhhNWQ*MGE2NDZkNGNkZDVk.gif" /> <center><embed src="" menu="false" flashvars="mycolor=FA0F02&mycolor2=FF0000&mycolor3=121111&txt=Median XL Player and Supporter" quality="best" scale="noscale" bgcolor="#000000" width="600" height="50" name="" align="middle" allowScriptAccess="sameDomain" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" pluginspage="" /></center><center>
I made this <a href="">widget</a> at <a href=""></a>.</center><br>

Everything I sell is always legit.
(Currently RETIRED)
I am now officially a supporting fan and player of the Median XL server for d2 (d2maniacs). Wanna come play with me and have some awesome fun?
Account: Addicted.
Highest lvl this new patch: 120
Finished Characters:
Bow Druid (LvL 120)
Holy Melee Retaliator (LvL 120)
Current Characters I'm working on:
CtC (Chance to Cast) Barb (LvL 102)
Fire/Ice Elemental Druid (LvL 36)

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