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Verified Members / Verified Trader

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Post#1 Posted: 31 Jan 2012 03:47 pm    Post subject: Verified Members / Verified Trader Reply with quote

Starting Jan 1st 2013 We will only take 3 applicants per month on 1st come 1st serve basis

- Michael

D3jsp now has a way for members to become verified. This means, we will verify you as a real person as a way to ensure safety in trades and avoid multi accounts. In other words; we're verifying that you are your own unique person.

Note: this does not say a person is trusted. It simply says; they have bothered to get verified with the methods we use. The odds of any single person getting more than 1 verified account are slim to none.

Verification team (constantly updated)

How to become verified:
  • You must have reached 100 posts.
  • Provide a Photo Id Like Driver License, School ID, or Passport
  • You must register any outside accounts, such as AIM, paypal, pokerstars, moneybookers with us.
  • We require a personal photograph of yourself wherein your d3jsp username is clearly visible. (Note: All images need to be uploaded here:
  • We require a second personal photograph with a certain demand from our side( for example: giving us thumbs up or something. no pron, of course.) - this part isn't necessary if you are able to skype with webcam.
  • Lastly, we may need to fully verify you by either doing a skype call, webcam prefered, or calling you on your phone. (this can be done via facebook's facetime application, if you have no skype account.)
  • Lastly, lastly; we need time to pass to verify your commitment. This will usually be approximately one month.

Your personal information, such as phone number/facebook (if you wish to share that)/skype account name and your personal pictures will not be showed to the public. We respect your wish to remain private and will never violate said privacy.
We, however, reserve the right to use the information against you to prevent scams and/or other acts that will violate the rules of d3jsp and common decency.

Why become verified? Because it is a way to ensure safety in trading on and a way for us to stop the excessive scamming most new users experience on the forum boards. It is true, that a verified member could just as easily scam you, but it'd be a lot easier for us to track the culprit down and serve out some real justice. Batman style.

Notes: ( Updated 2/14/2015 )
It may take 4-5 week for you to get verified.
Making a topic "when do i get verified?" will just delay your Application.
Accused of scamming while in process.
If you are accused of scamming cannot apply for 6 months.

Staff reserves the right to deny you Application for the following reasons:
Not Active
No trades in S&T
Post count stopped after 100 post (100-150)
If 2 or more staff members believe you are not fit for verified tag. staff team.

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