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youSee's Guide To The Templar Vindicator

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Post#1 Posted: 03 Aug 2010 08:35 am    Post subject: youSee's Guide To The Templar Vindicator Reply with quote

YouSee's Guide to the Templar Vindicator

The Paladin

The Knights of Westmarch who felled the armies of mighty Leoric are pure at heart and closely follow the teachings of Zakarum, the Religion of the Light. A battle-ready warrior for whom faith is a shield, the Paladin fights for what he believes to be right. His steadfastness gives him powers to bestow blessings to his friends and wreak cruel justice on foes. There are those who call the Paladin an overwrought zealot, but others recognize in him the strength and goodness of the Light.

And now... for those of you who do not know what a templar vindicator is, or t/v for short, here is the simple answer to your question:

A Paladin who uses smite and fist of the heaven's as his attacks. The two character's alone are powerful but have weaknesses. This effective combination of duelers intertwined with the right dueling skill in my opinion is the most powerful build in the game. With practice, you should take almost anyone down in 1v1 good mannered duels, and own lots of pubbys too. >=] This build is not only fun but extremely effective.

***Note: in order for this build to be " extremely effective", you need to be a godly trader, buy FG or E-Bay (LOL). Yes, it is a little expensive.

Now, straight to the guide:

In order to level quickly, I suggest that you are glitch rushed into Act 5 Hell, then uber trist leveled to level 90. Why 90? Because you can. wink.gif Go to 93 if you like. If you want to go to 93, there is an alternate setup that you can use. I like mine though and I still own.

Here are the Paladin attributes taken straight from the Arreat Summit:

Starting Attributes

Strength: 25
Dexterity: 20
Vitality: 25
Energy: 15

Hit Points: 55
Stamina: 89
Mana: 15

Each Character Level

Life +2
Stamina +1
Mana +1.5
Attribute Point Effect

1 Vitality point gives 3 Life
1 Vitality point gives 1 Stamina
1 Energy point gives 1.5 Mana

Now, for this build you have one option:

Put enough points into dexterity so that after equipping your gear you have maximum block. At level 90 I have 127 points into dexterity. The rest of your points go into mana... HAHA no. Put them into vitality you dipshit. ><

Now then, for skills, you should have the following:

Max Fist of the Heavens
Max Holy Shock
Max Holy Shield
11 to Conviction Aura (so with gear it is level 25)
1 to Salvation
NONE to Resist Lightning
The rest of your points into Fanatacism (which should be level 29 when you are level 91)

For gear, here is what I use:

Helm: 141 Shako socketed with Ber*
Amulet: 30% Mara's Kaleidoscope (you may use Armageddon Slippers but it's really up to you if you like perming alot, unless you have a permed one)
Armor: Mage Plate Enigma (mine is 15ed 775 smile.gif )
Weapon: Grief Berserker Axe +390 Damage/40IAS** (also remember the +damage from Grief is added directly to Smite)
Shield: Upgraded 200% Herald of Zakarum socketed with Um Rune (upgraded for better smite damage and more defence)
Belt: 40/15 Verdungo's Hearty Cord
Ring #1: Perfect Ravenfrost (keep this on at all times)
Ring #2: 5% Bul-Kathos Wedding Band
Gloves: 30% Upgraded Bloodfist
Boots: Ethereal 15/15 Sandstorm Treks (you can use Waterwalks at level 93 for more life, but you will need two more fhr grand charms)
Switch: If you cannot afford a Call to Arms with +6 to Battle Orders, you should not attempt this build

*I have tried Crown of Ages, and I not only lose life, but when I switch to BO, the +1 to all Skills is not added as I don't have enough strength without HoZ. Plus, it's very overpriced anyways. In summary, Crown of Ages is nub. smile.gif
**With Bloodfist you need 40 IAS and level 27 Fanatacism to reach maximum smite speed. Berserker Axe owns Phase Blade in range, and it also lets you use less dexterity and achieve more life. Lovely. Do not try for Phase Blade.


x5 Paladin Combat Grand Charms with 30+ Life
x2 Paladin Combat Grand Charms with FHR
20/15+ Paladin Torch
20/15+ Annihilus Small Charm
x16 Small Charms with 20 Life and Resists***

Now some people argue that you should use no Paladin Combat Grand Charms, and instead use all 20 Life Small Charms... so... where are you going to get your extra Fist of the Heavens damage from? Griffon's? LOL!

***Keep in mind that if you should die, your resistances will be deducted -30% if you have completed all of your Anya quests. This is called the Anya bug and has not, nor do I think will it ever be fixed. The deducted resistances do not show up on your character screen, but believe me. You will notice. It is nice to have stacked resists also versus Facets.

With that setup you should have 5k FoH, 2.3k Smite, and maxed resistances. Also, you have 41% DR. 50% if you like to use Treachery. You hit the 86 FHR breakpoint. Your life after charms should be around 4.5k. Maybe around 4.8k if you opt for Slippers + Waterwalks. Your defence should be around 18-20k.

Stashed Gear:

20% Absorb Wisp Projector
200% Thundergod's Vigor
Hotspurs (if you wish, but fire sorceresses are easy anyways)
Dwarf Star (see above)
205 Cold Resist Shield (preferably Sacred Targe)
P Upgrade Kira's [Ort] (upgraded for style)

Dueling Strategies
(where everything comes together)

Firstly, you need your hotkeys. My hotkeys are:

Stand Still: Space Bar
V: Left Charge
B: Left Fist of the Heavens
N: Left Smite
F: Holy Freeze
G: Conviction Aura
H: Teleport
J: Fanatacism
F1: Battle Command
F2: Battle Orders
F3: Holy Shield (cast this with your Herald of Zakarum shield, as it gives more points)
F4: Salvation
F5: Holy Shock (what?)

*Note: due to's old servers, the Charge skill is too fast for them to keep up, so you randomly dissapear when you charge for great distances. Use this to your advantage. Also, if you die while charging, you will become charge-locked and will be required to rejoin the game. There is a rumor that using a Call to Arms with +3 to Holy Shield removes "charge-lock", but I have not tested that, as I don't use unperm items. Also, you would not be able to max Holy Shield, but you would max Fanatacism and Smite after of course if you were to use such a Call to Arms.

And now to the strategies, which are rated on a scale of [1-5] for difficulty:


Bow [1]: With your 41 DR, you should be able to tank alot of arrows. Just put on Fanatacism and Charge into them. Then switch to smite. If they run backwards, keep charging. The godly ones with Knockback and Slow Target might give you a little challenge though.

Plague [1]: Try not to get hit, but if you do, do not worry. Fanatacism and Charge into them, then smite. The duel should be over before half your life is even gone. In fact, if you managed not to get hit, you should still be at full life.

CS Zon [1]: If they duel you good-mannered, do not use absorb. Just cast resist lightning and use P Kiras for stack. Charge/Smite them to death before their CS can rape you. However, if they are public and use Farcast, immediately go to town and equip your Thundergod's + Wisp + Kira's. They should barely damage you before you rape them to death with Smite. The funniest thing in the world is to pretend that you don't know what farcast is, then when they cs you from a screen away as you exit town, smite them to low health. As they run back to town, FoH them. Usually the FoH hits as Javazons have low Avoid/Dodge/Evade.


Hoto/Spirit Trapper [1]: These are easy. Without claw block, your Fist of the Heavens + Conviction will rape them in 1-2 hits. Make sure to charge around their traps so you don't get hit.

Dual Claw Trapper [4]: Depending on the style of play the trapper employs, this duel can be quick or long. If they are defensive little fuckers and site in their traps, just charge around them for a little bit, then charge into the trapper. Quickly switch to smite. If they teleport away from you, Charge away from the traps but then switch to Conviction and Cast Fist of the Heavens. Claw block hurts here, as it can totally block out your Fist of the Heavens. Usually though, if you hit them once or twice with Fist of the Heavens, they are dead. If they run away, jump them with Charge/Smite before they can cast more traps. If they are offensive trappers, do not worry. Just charge away from their traps, and then do a U-Turn (make sure that if they name-locked you that it is broken.) Then charge towards them again. Try charging around with Conviction and Casting Fist of the Heavens. They cannot trap lock you as you have more than enough FHR to charge away and escape. If you wish, you can charge into them, but make sure that you don't go for their Shadow Master. 14k traps hurt and you can't be screwing around here. If they get cocky, just slap on your Thundergod's and Wisp Projector. Then "ez" them. biggrin.gif

Fire Trapper [1]: These guys are a joke. Their traps are so slow to activate. FoH them to death while waiting, or charge them. Yawn.

Bramblesin [1]: LOL. I mean, I had a Bramblesin, and owned lots of Fohers, but these guys are usually easy anyways. Firstly, without teleport, they have no range. So if they try to Dragon Flight you, just Space Smite. If they Whirlwind away, cast Fist of the Heavens. Easy duel.

Ghost Whirlwind [1-4]: Same as a Bramblesin, but lower damage. They cannot teleport on you as you will Space Smite them. If they try to get you to chase them by Mind Blasting you or Whirling away, just cast Fist of the Heavens. Also, you can namelock smite them as they are Whirling. Especially if they are using Jade Talon to stack. They have low AR so they should rarely hit you. However, the godly Ghost Sins with .08 Valk and such (and skill) should be a harder matchup for you. When they ww on you, smite. Charge away and the FoH. Don't let them stun lock you with Wake of Fire, as it makes it easier for ther WW to hit you. If they cast wake, charge out of it, get close to them, and smite. Or charge away and FoH. I have only met one good Ghost Sin that took me down to 400 life every duel. She was pretty skilled, but I owned her every time. cool.gif

Hybridsin [3]: I like these guys. Annoying traps to whittle away at your life while they whirlwind you around. Charge around the traps and FoH them. If they jump you, Smite them to death.

Kicker [?]: Never dueled one, but I assume that they are easy. If they try to kick you to death, just smite them.


Whirlwind [3]: Most Whirlwind Barbarians can be taken down with 5-6 Fist of the Heavens (IK Barbarians take 1-2 LOL). If they stack and fade, just Space Smite them. It also helps to cast Holy Freeze, then jump them with Fanatacism/Smite. DO NOT CHARGE THEM AS THEY WHIRLWIND OR YOU WILL GET OWNED. XD However. Watch out for Doom barbarians with triangle whirlwinds. These ones you really have to be on your toes. Try charging into their path and quickly smiting them. Then charge away and FoH. If they teleport on you, Smite again with a namelock. Holy Freeze really cripples your smite speed. You shouldn't lose to a barbarian though. Even godly -60 doom, 3/20/20 Barbarians should only get you to low life before they die. If the duel is going bad, just desynch around like a noob and keep FoHing them until they die. Good times.

Fury [1]: Smite them. Easy duel.

Warcry [1]: Smite them. Easy duel. If they try and Cry lock you, charge away and Fist of the Heavens them.


Shapeshifter [1]: Smite them. Fist of the Heavens them. Either way, easy duel.

Fire Shaman [2]: Never dueled a good one but just Fist of the Heavens them (namelock as they have summons...). If you charge them, careful not to run over a Volcano, as those can hurt. Once charge connects, Smite them as they try to run away.

Wind Druids [5]: Wow. Okay, let me say that this will be your hardest challenge. Most public Wind Druids are somewhat easy, but these guys aren't a picnic. For the skilled ones that use wolves, here is what I do. Desynch around the place and FoH their wolves. When there is none, one or two wolves around, FoH the Oak Sage and then switch to Fanatacism and charge them. Then Smite. If they try to recast while you are killing their minions, just jump them. These guys take a lot of practice to duel. Once you get used to them, they get easier and easier. Another strategy that sort of works is either using Holy Shock to wittle away at the minions while you desynch around them, then charge the druid when their minions poof. Try it and see if it works. Do not FoH the druid as he can recast Cyclone Armor easy.

Town Summoner [lol]: Point and laugh. rolleyes.gif


Poison [1]: Either with Bramble (LOL) or Enigma, these guys are easy. Fist of the Heavens or Charge/Smite gets the job done. If they use revives, namelock them and FoH. Or charge into them and namelock Smite. If they try to use bone prison, teleport out. Remember that when dueling a Necromancer with Revives, namelock FoH or Smite always hits the Necromancer.

Summoner [2]: Yes. These guys are annoying. Casting Iron Maiden and Amplify Damage like little pussies. My advice, desynch charge away, then namelock FoH them. If they have revives, Charge into them and then namelock smite the Necromancer. If he casts Iron Maiden, desynch around casting random FoHs making sure they are targeted at the Necromancer's name. If you only duel 1v1 gm you won't be seeing these guys around. smile.gif

Bone [2-4]: Usually the good mannered ones are easy. Just desynch around and dodge their Spirits. Then out of no where, Fist of the Heavens them to death. Or circle around them charging and then charge into them. Make sure Spirits don't hit you. However, the bad-mannered ones use Bone Prison (which isn't as bm as desynch but whatever, stfu lol), so my advice is to teleport around rather than charge. Cast random FoHs. Also, if you want to surprise them, teleport right beside them, then Charge/Smite them. If they teleport on you, namelock Smite them to death.


Charger [3]: Just charge away from them and FoH to death. 1 or 2 FoHs kills. Also, you can charge back at them and then Smite them to death.

Fist of the Heavens [1]: Slap on Thundergod's, Kira's, Wisp Projector, Salvation, then Charge/Smite them to death.

Smiter [1-4]: Usually, you can take these guys out with a couple Fist of the Heavens. However, if you see they have absorb gear and Resist Lightning on, quickly switch to Holy Freeze. Then Charge them and switch to Fanatacism/Smite as they are Frozen. Usually works. If you are doing a random gm smite vs smite and they cast life tap... randomly... charge away and FoH them. They can't cry as Exile is bad mannered in my eyes.

Hammerdin [5]: Do not charge them. Do not smite them. Just cast Fist of the Heavens and then charge away before they can hammer you. If they have absorb and stack, charge around FoHing them to annoy them. Dodge the hammers. Keep a sharp eye out for them. Even with 4.5k+ life, 2-3 hammers can kill. Once they are closeby and above you, namelock Space Smite them. They will probably try to teleport on you. Your Smite should get them before they even cast a hammer (this is funny). If they escape, charge away and let them come back to you. Never chase a hammerdin directly in his wake. Always charge a good distance from where you see he has been, alongside his path, as stray hammers are very annoying. sleep.gif These guys take practice to duel as well. Once you get used to them, they get easier and easier. However, if you see that 3 godly G-Mod hammerdins are partied together and town-guarding, you can either commit suicide in the blood more, or save and exit. biggrin.gif Never happened to me though. tongue.gif Don't charge him as you will just miss and get hit by damned Blessed Hammers.

V/T [?]: Usually the best dueler here wins. I suggest absorbing their FoH or using Salvation (bm or gm up to you), Holy Freezing them, then jump with Charge/Fanatacism/Smite. It really depends on who has better skills and gear. If they are heavy on Smite, you don't need absorb gear. Just FoH them a couple times, then Holy Freeze, charge as you change to Fanatacism, then Smite.

Auradin [1]: Put on salvation, and charge them to death. You don't even need absorb...

Liberator [3]: I have dueled a couple. These guys will probably either lack hammer damage or resists. So just FoH them to death. However, if FoH doesn't work due to absorb, let them try to charge you and Smite them. If they tele-hammer you, Smite them. Make sure not to get hit by random stray hammers. >< Keep on your toes. These duels are edgy.


Blizzard [2-3]: Put on Salvation and charge around their Blizzards. The godly ones can usually take you out in 1-2 hits, even with Salvation. If you wish, get a 45 Resist Sacred Targe with x4 P Sapphires. If they are pussies who sit in their Blizzard, FoH them to death. If they use auto aim, use your 205 cold resist shield (to null the Blizzard), another raven and snowclash (if you want Blizzard to heal you), then charge/smite them. Easy duel. Stacking isn't bad mannered, but absorb is. So only use it if the sorceress is a jackass.

Fireball [2]: If you make sure you don't get hit by a fireball, you should be fine. Desynch around and FoH them to death. If you want, FoH them 2 times, then desynch away and randomly charge at them in a circular fashion. Never charge straight at them as you are asking to be owned by direct hits from a whole bunch of 30k fireballs, which isn't a very good thing to ask for as you will die unless you are wearing Hotspurs LOL...

Lightning [2]: Do not get hit by their lightning. If they just stand their and namelock you, desynch away and then U-Turn towards them. FoH them a couple times, then get them in a charge lock. If they start getting cocky, put on absorb gear. You shouldn't lose even without absorb gear. Again, do not charge directly at them. Circular fashion.

Infinity Nova [1]: Your Conviction overrules theirs (level 12 from Infinity). Just charge around and FoH them to death. If they get close, charge into them but keep Conviction on.

Orb [2]: Just dodge their orbs and FoH them to death. If you want, circle around them and yet again charge in for the kill.

Fire Bear/Enchantress/Melee [1]: LOL. I have never dueled one but I would recommend you either smite them to death or FoH them to death. I don't know. But they do not have enough Attack Rating to even scratch you.

Made by YouSee
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dont like this guide / looks ripped
PM me if you need help with anything.
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not bad
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